How to Make Yourself an Avatar on Zoom

March 23, 2022


Jeronimo Saldaña

Zoom’s newest feature let’s you turn yourself into a fox, rabbit, or cow.  Get cute on your next zoom meeting.

Here’s the five steps you need to know to turn on zoom avatars before your next meeting. I hope you enjoy it! 

1. Make Sure You Have Latest Upload/Upgrade of Zoom

To update your zoom account, simply go to and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on the download button. Once you download and install the latest version of zoom, you can move forward to signing in. 

2. Signing Into Your Zoom

After you’ve installed the latest version of zoom, sign in by clicking the sign in button on the top right of your screen. 

3. Enabling Avatars in Settings

Once you access your account, select the settings button on the left side menu. Here, you can scroll until you reach the avatars option or you can search by using the Ctrl F shortcut on a PC (command F on a MAC) and entering avatar for your search word. Enable avatars setting by clicking the button to color. 

4. Choosing Avatars in Zoom Meeting

Now that Avatars is enabled in settings, you can select to use them during your Zoom meeting. To select an avatar, click on the carrot (^) on the Stop Video button on the lower left of your Zoom Meeting screen. Select Backgrounds & Filters where you will select the BETA Avatars feature. Have fun selecting your avatar of choice! 

5. Layering Backgrounds with Avatars in Zoom Meeting

You can also take your avatar to the next level by switching up your background. In the same Background and Filters settings option, select Virtual Backgrounds and go to town! 

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