2023 Zoom Updates: New and Advanced Features

Note: some features require users to be using the latest version of Zoom and/or the host to have a paid account.

Sign Language Interpretation​

Meeting hosts can assign participants as sign language interpreters, interpreting one language into sign language in real-time. These interpreters are displayed in a dedicated window, which can be repositioned and resized by the attendee choosing to view sign language interpretation.

Enhanced formatting for in-meeting chat​

Chat now supports more advanced forms of messaging, including in-line image previews, rich text formatting, screenshots, and message quoting. Messages can also be deleted by the host or after being sent. Participants can also react to messages with emojis and reply in threads to in-meeting chat messages.


  • Self enablement of automated captions:
    Meeting and webinar participants can enable automated captions themselves through in-meeting controls.
  • Speaker attributions for live automated captions
    When viewing automated captions in a live meeting or webinar, captions will include the speaker’s profile picture as part of captions, to make it easier to understand who is currently speaking.
  • Translated captioning available: translated captions are currently available in 12 languages for both Zoom meeting and webinar.

Waiting room​

Waiting room customization support for images
The waiting room can support displaying a full-sized image or video. Great way to brand your event while welcoming your guests and letting them know the event is soon to begin.

Breakout rooms​

Create breakout rooms based on poll results
Hosts can choose to create breakout rooms based on the participants’ poll answers- requires setting to be enabled prior to meeting start. For example, the meeting host may want to split breakout rooms based on participants who share similar interests.


This mode will only show host and co-hosts videos and profile pictures during a meeting.
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