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A Strategy of Appeasement is Over and Multiple Paths Forward Are Opening

[md_video video_id=”_GP8GlC3S0g““” class=”” id=”” css_animation_delay=”” type=”youtube” css_animation=”flipInX”] “It’s our job to make a movement so big and so beautiful that we get the best legislation possible because they’re so afraid of what we’ll do if we don’t get it.” – Chronicling the emergence of a bottom-up movement for immigrant rights at the UU General Assembly […]

What Do Virality and Internet Popularity Have to do with Social Change?

[md_video type=”youtube” css_animation=”flipInY” video_id=”NGF4FARSXUw” css_animation_delay=”500″] Virality has several key components. We discuss it on the Stop the Presses webcast along with its relationship between social media popularity and on-line and off-line organizing efforts.

Unitarians, Solidarity, and the Fight in Arizona

[md_video video_id=”-rYJNjpOgDY” class=”” id=”” css_animation_delay=”” type=”youtube” css_animation=”fadeIn”] The lessons of solidarity from the National Day of Non-Compliance at the “Standing on the Side of Love in Phoenix” workshop at General Assembly 2011.